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Lewin Farms | Calverton

There are so many perks to living on Long Island, aren’t there? We have great beaches, amazing wineries, and so many hidden gems that they’ve literally filled books. One of my favorite things to do is look for different things to keep my downtime interesting. Not to mention, I have kids, and if I didn’t keep them moving they’d easily turn into electronic obsessed cave dwellers.

As much as I love that we have indoor options, like bounce houses and museums, it’s summer! I want to get out into the fresh air, and run through fields, and pick flowers, and churn butter. Yeah, ok. I’m not doing most of that. This is where I like to dream big, and then dial it back.

To get my fill of nature and support local farmers, it just seems like a no-brainer to find what fruits are available for picking. Last year, we went at the end of berry season (totally my fault), and spent a great deal of time trying to fill a small basket. I’ll be honest, my toddler worked against us by eating more than helping, but still. I would not make that same mistake this year.

A quick search told me that berries and peaches are in season. I flashed back to all of the bending, picking, and toddler-eating that took place while berry picking… Peaches it is. Lewin Farms isn’t very far out in relation to other farms, so that’s a bonus, and they also offer berry picking if that’s your thing. Or you can just head to their store and tell people you picked the produce. Who’s gonna know?

We headed down the dirt road to get to the peach-picking area. The man distributing bags gave us directions for which row to go down and what area to focus on to find the ripest selection. Listen to the man with the bags! The man with the bags knows all!

We followed his directions and past several peaches that looked decent, but then found the area he told us about. So many beautiful, ripe, colorful peaches!

At the end of the peach grove, there’s a gorgeous view of the farm that stretches over 1,200 acres.

Before you jump right in, remember that they charge you by the pound. Yes, it’s super cute when each person has their own bag, but keep in mind how many peaches that really amounts to. Unless you’re a peach fanatic, or an avid baker, you probably only need a bag or two.

Picking your own peaches with kids, is like when your kids help you bake. Suddenly they want to eat the food, because they participated in its creation, or in this case, its harvest. By the time we got to the car, two peaches had already been consumed and they were making plans for the rest. In my mind, I was also making plans - plans that involved sangria!


Lewin Farms

address: 812 Sound Avenue, Calverton, New York

phone: 631.929.4327


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