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Top 7: Lake Placid Edition

Travel gets me through the year. I plan a new trip as soon as one trip ends. Earlier this summer, we went to Florida for a week and spent a couple days at Disney World. Before that we spent a week in Connecticut to relax and go antiquing. The trip doesn't have to be extravagant, but it has to be some kind of get-away. Obviously, after Florida we started thinking of where to head next. The only criteria was that we be able to get there by car. Where to head in the middle of summer? A ski town, of course! Lake Placid is an ideal location with its beautiful mountain and lake views. Not to mention, the weather is perfect! During the week we spent in Lake Placid, the temperatures ranged from the low 50s to the low 80s. We traveled around comfortably during the day, and then got cozy by the fire at night. It doesn't get better than that! Top 7: Lake Placid Edition #1. Whiteface Lodge Staying at Whiteface Lodge feels like stepping into a woodland-fairytale. Not only is the lodge itself large and inviting, but the service is exceptional. The rooms are constantly serviced, and the turn down service includes packages of large, chocolate chip cookies! They're just placed out, waiting for you to return. I joked that I couldn't wait to get back to my room to see if the elves came. The cookie-leaving elves that magically made the beds, obviously. To top it off, every night - rain or shine - the lodge sets up either a fire pit or fireplace designated for s'mores! Full Hershey bars, graham crackers and big marshmallows are set out for guests to help themselves to some s'more action.

#2 The various Olympic sites.

As you may know, Lake Placid was home to the 1980 Winter Olympics. You can visit the rink where the US took he gold in hockey, the Olympic bobsled run, or the Olympic ski jump. You can even visit the Olympic Museum, which is pretty interesting. I found it very interesting to see the US uniforms for the opening ceremonies from day 1 to the last (unfortunate looking) design by Ralph Lauren.

#3 John Brown's Home and Resting Place History buffs have probably heard of John Brown and his attack at Harper's Ferry. The famous abolitionist's home has been renovated several times since the 1800s, but you will find the original flooring, period decor and a room that has several pieces that were owned by the Browns. Stepping into the Brown home is like stepping right back into the past. Aside from the fascinating historical significance of John Brown and his home, the property itself is a a marvel worth seeing.

#4 Adirondack Chocolates You'll find more than one location, which works out really well for when your craving strikes. Believe me, it'll strike. We sampled several chocolates and I fell hard for the Dark Chocolate and Caramel with Sea Salt. It's absolute perfection. I literally traveled to a different location on my last day to get more for the road. I've hoarded them away and won't share with anyone. Yeah, I said it and I don't care!

#5 High Falls Gorge Sounds terrifying, right? Pay a small fee and get turned loose to walk a trail that will take you along rushing waters. A short walk will bring you to an amazing waterfall, where bridges, stairs and paths move you along for better viewing. If you're not into heights, there is a scenic trail that takes you along without forcing you to cross a bridge or climb stairs. Either way, there are several waterfalls along this trail and they're all absolutely worth a visit. The pictures you'll take home are priceless.

#6 Whiteface Mountain

100% not for anyone afraid of heights. If you watch Game of Thrones you might liken it to the Eyrie. There's even a castle here that contains a gift shop, cafe, and restroom area. There are stone walls, or stone wedges where the wall has broken away, to indicate where to stand back. I'm not afraid of heights and even I had to talk myself into remembering that I probably wouldn't randomly topple over the side. All that aside, it's phenomenal! The natural beauty that surrounds you is breathtaking. You can take stone steps up to the summit or enjoy the views from the parking area. Either way, you're in for a visual treat.

#7 Swedish Hill Winery I live on Long Island, so I know my wineries (insert knowing look here), and this no-frills place is a treasure trove. I went for a simple tasting and walked out with 5 bottles. Do I have a problem? No, thanks for asking. I just like my wine. The only reason I didn't get a bottle of everything I tried is because my husband starts to look concerned once I grab 5 bottles. More than that is pushing my luck. If you're in the area, stop in and see what I'm talking about.


Lake Placid is so well known as a ski destination, which is great, but there's so much to the area than that. The people, shops, restaurants and picturesque settings are more than enough reasons to check this area out.

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