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Pilgrim Psychiatric Center | Brentwood

Pilgrim Psychiatric Center

In 1931, Pilgrim's Psychiatric Center officially opened its doors to 100 patients and it quickly increased to 13,875 patients by 1954. The 825 acres were constructed to act as a self-sufficient town with its own fire department, post office, sewage system, cemetery and more. Some areas of Pilgrim are still open today; however, the majority of the site has fallen to near ruins. Considering that lobotomies were first performed in 1935, many of Pilgrim's earliest patients were subjected to lobotomies The on-site cemetery is the resting place for many of those who lost their lives to the brutal procedure. Due to the number of deaths of those who spent their lives at Pilgrim, many believe that the property is haunted. I'm not sure about the presence of the afterlife, but I can attest to the eerie sense that comes from knowing the history and standing in vast areas that are completely desolate.

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