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Guess the Gender Easel | Craft

Having a baby is a huge deal. All of your plans as you know them go out the window, and a new, screaming, demanding, heavenly-smelling baby moves in to rewrite your life. I have three kids, and each was unplanned. My first came at a time before gender reveals really took off, but it didn't matter. My sonogram was my gender reveal. I wanted to know right then and there. I wanted to buy clothes, settle on a name, and tell my family right away. Patience is a virtue. Luckily, I have other virtues. Patience, not so much.

When my girl friend, Marissa, asked that I be the one to receive the gender information of her unborn baby to help plan the reveal, I felt like I found my calling. You can keep your Maid of Honor responsibilities, give me a gender reveal any day! Sweet colors, tiny clothing, and a memorable surprise at the end. It helps that Marissa isn't a complete nightmare, and that she is just enjoying the ride. I think she just knows that I'm competent, and that the gender reveal is really my moment. Kidding, kidding. Still, I'm having so much fun coming up with little things to help make the day special for Marissa and her husband.

As with any party, it's always a good idea to keep the conversation going and to give guests opportunities to participate. Gender reveals are built-in conversation starters, so you're covered there, What do you think she's having? Have they picked a name? I remember when I was pregnant... .

As for the participation part, well that's where things get fun! As a crafter, I could get lost for hours in a craft store. The other day I went to a craft store just because I had 20 minutes to kill. I floated from aisle to aisle in a blissful daze, taking it all in. I don't even need an excuse to visit a craft store, but I'm still happy when I have one. So, to make something cute for the gender reveal, I popped right over to Michael's. This easel is so sweet and easy to make. Plus, it's a decoration and a participation piece - double whammy!


Guess the Gender Easel What you need:

  • Pencil

  • Chalkboard easel

  • Permanent white marker, chalk, or chalkboard marker

  • Buttons in pink and blue

  • Glue, or glue gun

  • Packs of pink and blue clothes pins

  • Thin pink and blue ribbons

  • Ruler (optional)

1.) Sketch your text lightly with a pencil. Use a ruler to mark out lines to keep text straight. (I opted to skip the ruler.) I looked for fonts that I liked online and mirrored those. Keep in mind that you'll need to leave room for your buttons, and the width of the pen tip, when you get to the next step. You don't want to squeeze your text together and then find that the tip of your marker is unintentionally joining your letters/detail. 2.) Trace your text with a white marker or chalk. Allow time to dry. 3.) Use clear glue or a hot glue gun to attach buttons. Experiment with placement before gluing. Maybe you'd like to go all of the way around, or mix the colors. It's all about personal preference. 4.) Layer the pink and blue ribbons and tie into a bow. Attach the bow to the top right corner. 5.) Glue a pink and blue clothes pin on either side of the easel. 6.) If you used liquid glue, rather than a glue gun, let the easel dry flat. You don't want your buttons sliding around or falling off. 7.) Put clothes pins in a bowl, display dish, or lay them around the easel for easy access. 8.) Place your easel in a place that your guests can get to easily, since there will be traffic around it at the beginning of the reveal. You can always move it later.


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