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Aurora Borealis Art Project for Kids

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Aurora Borealis Art Project for Kids

By Adriana Pallaci

My daughter, Sophia, love going to art at school, and most of my students at school also love art. Now that were homeschooling for the foreseeable future, I wanted to put something together for families to use as a resource for easy art projects that can be done at-home using materials that you will (hopefully) have on-hand.

We’re using what we’ve got and we’re getting creative – and isn’t that what makes art fun?

Of course, we want our kids to have fun, but we also want to keep them engaged, learning, hands-on, and occupied!

With that in mind, remember that it’s OK to veer off course. If you don’t have a certain item, look around and see if there’s something else that you can use as a substitute.

  • dark construction paper or cardstock

  • white colored pencil or crayon

  • a dark marker

  • cardboard the length of the sheet of paper

  • different color chalk (sidewalk chalk works)

  • tape

  • cotton balls

  • aerosol hairspray

1. With your marker draw a wavy line across the cardboard and cut out.

2. Your dark paper should be in front of you in a landscape position (long going left to right) and not portrait (tall going up and down).

3. Lay the cardboard along the bottom of your paper so that it’s covering about half of the paper. Use a little tape on the bottom of the paper to hold the cardboard in place.

4. With your white colored pencil, make tiny stars on the paper above the cardboard. For the stars, I made a small dot and then made a small X on top of the dot. I made a couple stars just a little bigger than the rest.

5. With your chalk, press firmly and made a thick line that about ½ an inch wide on your paper, along the edge of the cardboard. Switch chalk colors as you go.

6. With the cardboard still in place, place a cotton ball on the chalk line, apply gentle pressure and sweep the cotton ball directly up, lifting the chalk toward the top of the page for about 3 inches. Make sure to hold the cardboard so that it doesn’t move around too much.

7. Shake off loose chalk. Don’t dust it with your hand!

8. Gently remove the cardboard and spray your chalk with a coat of hairspray to lock it in place.

Viola! You have a beautiful work of art!

Nice work!

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