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8 Reasons Businesses are Hiring Social Media Managers

8 Reasons Businesses are Hiring

Social Media Managers

If your area is medicine, cooking or creating jewelry, chances are that you know more about your business than running a social media account. It’s like someone deciding to act as their own attorney without a legal background. It just doesn’t make sense! Now, I get what you’re going to say: “Social media is easy – anyone can do it! You just have to take pictures and post them.” Sure, if it’s 2010.

Today, social media has taken on a whole new life in the world of business. You have to have follow-worthy and share-worthy content, and this content must look editorial. If you don’t believe me, check out the content from this company who certainly doesn't need any help getting noticed or attracting customers:

If corporate giants understand the importance of selling a high-end image on social media, there has to be something to it. Did Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, create that layout or those images? Of course not! Their social media management staff was all over it, and the same goes for a multitude of other businesses.

Anyone from pet groomers to authors can benefit from having a Social Media Manager (SMM) on their team and here’s why:


Your target audience is looking you up before they even get in touch with you. As a consumer, I want to know what you have to offer, how others perceive you, and if you’re a brand that I want to support. The face of your company is social media. What does it look like? Think of social media as your company’s packaging. So much can speak to a person just based on whether they like your packaging. Look at this layout from Coconut Bowls:

​This company sells bowls made from recycled coconut shells, and their “packaging” on their social media page is selling a natural, clean and youthful lifestyle. It’s all about the presentation! With someone on your team who knows all about how to best present images, you’re putting a nice bright spotlight on your company.

Time Management

Creating content and managing social media accounts take time! You outsource other things that involve your business, because it’s impossible to do it all – and to do it right. Social media is no different. A quick look around the Internet will tell you that small businesses are spending between 10 and 20 hours each week on social media alone! Of course many are putting in more time, and it all amounts to the time of a part time job – on top of your current job of, you know, actually running the business. If you don’t have the time to put into your accounts, it may be time to consider calling in some help.


Online trends are a huge part of the social media game. Social media managers stay on top of trends and apply that knowledge to your content. We’re talking about everything from fashion to hashtag research. It’s our business to know what people want to see. Not only does this keep your business relevant but it also shows your audience that you’re in tune with what’s current.


SMMs handle a range of areas! Social media isn’t just Facebook or Instagram. Services can include email campaigns, Pinterest, consultations, Twitter, videos, photography, stories, blogging, and more. If you think that it might fall under the umbrella of online marketing ask! I’m positive that there’s a social media manager out there who provides the online services that you need.


If others in your field look like something out of a magazine, and you’re looking a little "less than," who do you think people will go to? The reality is that we live in a visual world full of consumers! If I see something amazing on a social network, there’s a good chance that I’ll want it. In the same respect, if I see a grainy image of a sad cookie, I’m going to breeze right by. Why would I spend time on a cloudy image of a cookie when I can go check out what else this place has to offer?


If a random person came up to you, handed you a bunch of flowers and then left. Would you consider yourself in a relationship? Would you even feel comfortable saying that you know that person? Engagement is a huge part of establishing your presence online. Just posting and then “walking away” is the equivalent of going to a party and standing in the corner. This is where your people are! These are the people that you want in your social-media-life. What are you doing standing in a corner?! Get out there and socialize! Social media managers take your business out of the corner and introduce it to others. Sometimes it’s just by responding to comments on your posts, but a lot of the time it’s by circulating the network and engaging. It’s time consuming (see point 2, Time management), but so worth it for your business.

Cost effective

You may be saying, “But I don’t have the budget of a giant corporation!” You don’t need one! Believe me, you don’t need to hire a giant marketing team for this project. Whether you’re a small business or just someone new to developing your social media professionally, having a freelance SMM work on your accounts is all you need. Social media managers take on your accounts, and they cost a fraction of the price of a full marketing team. Pick the right one and your social media will look as good as any other top business out there.


Guess what? You don’t have to have a social media account manager in your backyard. Most, if not all, of the work can be accomplished remotely. It’s the internet – we can share content from New York to Texas, or Wisconsin to France. Distance isn’t (usually) an issue. If you find someone that you feel can work well with your brand, reach out to see how to make it happen.


​At the end of the day, more and more business owners have come to the conclusion that enlisting help when it comes to social media is simply worth it. If nothing else, take the time to learn a little more, maybe make a few calls and give the service a try. You may just find that having a SMM is a game changer!

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