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Captain's Log: Stay-cation | Day 1

Official vacation started in mind midday Friday, while still sitting at desk. Created enormous mental list of amazing things to achieve over break, including but not limited to: master Pinterest, update blog, spend substantial amount of time with children, commit to sticking to schedule for vomit inducing workout, read novel, knit scarf, binge watch any show, and save the world.

Arrived home in fabulous mood. Radiated blinding, golden glow that only comes when leaving work with the knowledge that vacation is eminent. Picked up lunch bag to realize that travel mug from morning apparently still contained coffee when placed inside. Contents saturated. Cursed self for premature gaiety which caused coffee contents to go unnoticed.

Cleaned bag and noticed Toddler wheezing. Called Husband and rushed Toddler to pediatric urgent care. Treated with nebulizer, and given RX for home treatment. Recheck in 5 days. Gave Toddler excessive hugs, and determined to cherish each moment with children.

Eldest locked self away in room, Toddler only interested in endless dance performances and iPad use; and Middle Child petitioned for several snacks. Conceded to watching DVRed fashion show in bed next to Toddler on iPad and Middle Child eating rice. Eldest emerged once to scour kitchen for food. All moments cherished.

Spent Saturday updating Pinterest, working out, and spending time with children. Praised self for excellent commitment to vacation resolutions. Went to date night dinner with Husband at The Irish Times Pub. Made friends with happy people who also like shots of Fireball, and ate excessive amounts of pasta. Fell asleep in blissful state and golden vacation glow.

Spent morning tidying and working out. Decided to dig into vacation resolutions. Woke up from nap. Have convinced self that vacation does not technically begin until actual day off of work occurs. Satisfied with this reasoning. Husband is currently awaiting cap for chipped tooth, which is moments away from requiring root canal. Further, issues with Husband's herniated disc in neck has resurfaced. Further, Husband is abstaining from alcohol due to issues that could either be kidney stones or defective pancreas. Husband's misery is tarnishing golden vacation glow.

Noticed Husband's inappropriate ensemble which includes horrifyingly twisted socks. One is entirely twisted so that logo is across toes and other is well on its way to joining in position. In addition, contorted socks are paired with sandals. Feel part of self instantly die.

Have decided to include excessive drinking to vacation resolutions.


Mood: optimistic Vacation resolutions: in the works Total naps: 2


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