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Duck Donuts | Visit

I'd heard a bunch of chatter about a new donut place coming to the island. Like any good foodie, I started my investigation through Google, Instagram and Facebook. Duck Donuts, never heard of it. Upon coming over some rave reviews, I started pining over a company - and donut - I'd never heard of. The donuts are described as "the best" and "custom," and "warm." People from North Carolina to New Jersey were singing the praises of a place I now needed to visit.

Duck Donuts - Long Island Shortcake

     Foodies are good at sniffing out "must-visit" locations. Just like a music producer knows a hit single when he or she hears one, a foodie knows a note-worthy eatery. Hey, we don't ask for this gift - it just is. The point is that Duck Donuts was on my radar, so it didn't take me but a moment to accept an invitation to their pre-launch. Oh, warm donuts, we'd be together soon.

     My husband and I got to the location and were soon greeted by Kristin and Veronica. Both are so nice and personable that they almost distracted me from my mission: warm donuts! We quickly picked out 4 donuts and listened as Kristin shared the history of Duck Donuts. It actually started in North Carolina when the owner found that there was a serious lack of good donut places around. As word spread of their amazing cakey goodies, demand increased and Duck Donuts was on its way up. See? I can listen - even when the entire store smells like heavenly cake and bacon. And, how is that even fair? No one can resist either, and the diabolical minds behind Duck Donuts know it. Oh, they are good - they are very good.  But, I digress.

     So, the way it works is that you step up to the counter, place your order and for a small flat price, get to tack on as many toppings as you'd like. All donuts are a vanilla cake base, and, can I just tell you, they are amazing! As soon as your order goes in, your donut goes into production. The batter is dropped into oil, a conveyer belt flips the donuts and glides them out at the perfect temperature. After a quick spin, the donuts meet their maker. No, seriously, they meet up with the person who makes your donut exactly as you ordered it. Before you know it, what once started as a beautiul thought moments ago at the register becomes a very real, warm, perfect little circle of yum all for you.

     After my tour, I came back to meet up with my husband who left me a donut to try. Yes, the word "a" here means "one." I can't blame him though. When you have a hot, fresh donut in your hand, it's nearly impossible to stand up to its call. Mere mortals just don't have that kind of power. Here's a math problem for you: Vinnie and Adriana walk out of Duck Donuts with a box of 6 donuts. They share one in the car and then another at home. How many donuts did Vinnie eat? Um yeah, those are some deliciously powerful donuts. Welcome to Long Island, Duck Donuts!  

**To see a delish clip of how these donuts are made, head to my Instagram!

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