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Editable Donuts and Sprinkles Binder Covers

Editable Donuts and Sprinkles Binder Covers

By Adriana Pallaci

As a teacher, I do my best to make my room fun, colorful, and interesting. It's nice for the kids, but it also just makes me feel good. I like looking at nice things!

How cute is this Donuts and Sprinkles binder cover set? I wanted to make a set that both students and teachers would like and donuts just made sense! Who doesn't love donuts?

This set comes with 8 editable and customizable options, including a matching spine page!

For the spine page, you simply have to add your text, measure, and cut a strip from the page to get the exact size that you need. Super easy!

On each page, there is plenty of room to add your own text and images in the label area.

In the set, there are 2 organization pages like the one above. The second page (not shown) does not have the donut bullet points to allow you to use the entire section for your text. Aren't the donut bullet points cute though? 😍

As always, this set is super affordable, because my goal is help support teachers - not get rich off of them. We're in this together!

To grab this set, click here!

You can find my other sets and work right here!

Enjoy! 💕

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