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Food with Friends: Intro to Division Worksheets

Intro to Division Worksheets: Food with Friends

By Adriana Pallaci

My class is a beautiful, diverse mix of students with all different interests and preferences. When thinking of the best way to appeal to all of them, it didn't take long before I came to food!

What's more relatable than food?

I introduced the concept of division to my students by thinking of the dividend as food and the divisor as friends. Hence, Food for Friends. You gotta love alliteration!

We talked about how dividing means being fair and giving everyone an equal amount. It wouldn't be fair, I told my class, if John got 10 cupcakes and everyone else got 2. To make it fair, we have to make sure that we hand out our cupcakes one at a time so that everyone gets their fair share.

To make sure that my students didn't feel overwhelmed, I built in supports throughout the worksheet packet. We start with tracing the rectangles and circles to represent the divisor and dividend. Before long, tracing circles fade, and the students are left to divide into the rectangles on their own.

By the end of the worksheet, student are representing the dividend and divisor independently, which means that they're successfully dividing!

Each packet ends with a Challenge page that removes scaffolding/prompts entirely. This page checks for understanding and allows the teacher to either add it in the packet or provide it at a later date as a quick assessment.

You'll find that Food for Friends 1 goes at a slower pace and supports take longer to fade. Food for Friends 2 and 3 build upon the skills that were previously practiced, and supports fade a little sooner.

Get Food for Friends 1, here.

Get Food for Friends 2, here.

Get Food for Friends 3, here.

You can find my other sets and work right here!

Enjoy! 💕

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