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Some BOOz for YOUz: Halloween Teacher Gift

BOOz for YOUz Halloween Teacher Gift -  banner

Some BOOz for YOUz: Halloween Teacher Gift

I’m a teacher. I’ve taught for 6 years now, and it’s my dream job. I love it. Every morning I wake up so pumped to go to work to mold a little more, engage a little more, and really push my kids a little more. It's a wonderfully rewarding profession.

With that said, from the standpoint of a special education teacher, I can tell you that not all days are fabulous. What we’re expected to do versus the time we’re given to do it doesn’t add up on any earthly calendar. On top of that, the money I spend is what my very understanding husband would call “outrageous.” There's a lot that goes into just one successful week!

BOOz for YOUz Halloween Teacher Gift

From the standpoint of a parent, I can tell you that my kids aren’t perfect! We’re approximately 1.5 months into the school year and Sophia’s kindergarten teacher has already sent a very, very kind message to tell me that when something upsets Sophia, “she cries loudly for an extended period of time.” She said, “I wanted to ask if this is typical for her and if you have any suggestions on how I can help her. She has such a beautiful soul and I only want to see her happy.” Educator Angel Status: Achieved.

(For the record: my guess, since we don’t see this behavior at home, is that Sophia isn’t used to not getting most of the attention and sharing with other kids. She has 2 older sisters who couldn’t care less about taking Sophia’s toys, so Sophia has no one to contend with for basically anything. We’re handling it on our end to try to help Sophia and her teacher out.)

BOOz for YOUz Halloween Teacher Gift

Back to teachers, can you imagine having 20+ kids and one of them is just losing it like ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ my kid for who-knows-how-long a day? Having only 1 assistant for 2 hours a day and 20+ kids going through what they’re going through? Then there are parent notes to respond to; forms; reports; meetings; planning; observations; parent calls to return; and lessons to create and deliver that must be multi-sensory, modified, errorless, to state standards, and individualized. Oh, and while you’re at it can you stop everything to console my child for several minutes a day? She doesn’t like to share – thanks.

This little gift obviously involves alcohol, but let’s not start getting all worked up about giving teachers “booze.” First of all, I get wine every year from parents, and I think it’s a nice gesture. Second of all, I polled a lot of teachers before putting this together, and each teacher was all for the idea. (One was a preschool teacher.) Third, we’re giving these to adults – not the kids. Adults can drink alcohol – you aren’t breaking any laws. And, fourth, teaching is stressful! Help a teacher out.

So this little gift is a fun, sweet way to say Thank You to the person who works their magic, uses all of their patience, and loves your child 5 days a week.

What You’ll Need:

  • Small bottles of champagne

  • Goodie bags (these festive bags are a Dollar Tree find)

  • Tissue paper

  • Hole punch

  • Gift ribbon

  • BOOz for YOUz tags that you can find right here

Step 1: Type or write in your family’s name at the bottom of the tags.

Step 2: Cut out each tag and punch a hole at the top.

Step 3: Loop a length of gift ribbon through the hole and tie it around the champagne bottle.

Step 4: Double up your tissue paper and set the bottle in the middle. Bring the paper up the height of the bottle so that only the top of the bottle is visible.

Step 5: Put the bottle with the tissue paper in the goodie bag and tie another length of ribbon around the bag to close it up.

Halloween Teacher Gift -

We plan to deliver our gift in the morning when we drop off our daughter. Use your discretion when deciding how to have your gift delivered safely.

This little gift is fun for others who work with your kids, too, like a counselor, principal, crossing guards, and librarian.

Have a Happy Halloween and remember to Thank a Teacher!


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