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Google Slides Set: Editable Plaid Monthly Backgrounds

Plaid Monthly Editable Backgrounds

By Adriana Pallaci

As a teacher, I do my best to make my room fun, colorful, and interesting. It's nice for the kids, but it also just makes me feel good. I like looking at nice things!

I love these for Google Classroom, but I use them for all kinds of things! When we started running Zoom sessions from the classroom, I turned this background into a sign for my door so people would know to come in quietly. Nice, right?

This set has a neutral black and white, plaid border with a different picture for every month in the bottom left corner. Oh the options!

There's plenty of room to add your own text, images, and videos.

As always, this set is super affordable, because my goal is help support teachers - not get rich off of them. We're in this together!

To grab this set, click here!

You can find the matching organizational set right here!

Enjoy! 💕

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