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Simple Addition Using Ten Frames Worksheets

Simple Addition Using Ten Frames Worksheets

By Adriana Pallaci

I like to get kids working with ten frames early on. They offer a visual model, they get kids hands-on, and you can easily fade the support. I created these worksheets knowing that I wanted my students to learn how to use the ten frames and to visualize quantity.

Students can have fun using the ten frames by coloring in squares, making circles with pencils, or using manipulatives. I also like the idea of laminating and adding to a math binder for some dry-erase practice!

- Get the full 20-page set, here! -

In this set, I've included a second packet with the same problems; but the way that students answer has been modified. Rather than relying on the ten frames and writing in answers, the second packet gives students 3 answer options. Students fill in the ten frames and simple circle or dot marker their answer.

This works out well for a range of students, including those with special needs.

- Get the full 20-page set, here! -

There are other great uses for this modified version:

  • mix with the first packet to offer students a variety

  • use as a pre-assessment before teaching addition using ten frames

  • use to teach or reinforce utilizing the process of elimination

  • use to emphasize deductive reasoning

- Get the full 20-page set, here! -

What I really love about this set is that the needs of students are being met discreetly, because the sets match! Everyone will feel included and capable and that just warms my heart!

Get the full 20-page set, here!

You can find my other sets and work right here!

Enjoy! 💕

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