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At-Home Schedules for Students with Special Needs

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Daily At-Home Schedules for Students withe Special Needs
Daily At-Home Schedules for Students withe Special Needs

Daily At-Home Schedules for Students with Special Needs

With the closing of schools around the nation, families are left in such a difficult position. Many teachers in public schools have been asked to put together online programs for their students; however, those in special education classrooms and private special education schools are sometimes in a different category.

Many of those in privatized schools for students with special needs don’t have that system in place, and those teaching in special education classrooms can struggle with putting a full program together for online study.

I understand that this can be confusing for parents; however, it’s important to consider that we teach in a highly differentiated and individualized way. For instance, for a classroom of 10 students, a singular lesson can be modified in ten different ways to cater to the needs of each child, so to put together an online curriculum for our students is difficult.

As a teacher for children with special needs, I want to help parents keep their kids’ days structured and help guide parents so that they don’t feel abandoned. You have a tough job, and a lot just fell onto your lap. Until you find a plan that works best for your family, I’ve put together an outline for a couple days that will give you ideas to keep your child engaged.

Remember that predictability, a good schedule, and structure are often a saving grace.

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If you have any questions, need some help, or would like to submit ideas for a future schedule, please contact me.

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