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Walter the Goldfish | Mosaic Template

Long before I read "We Don't Eat Our Classmates" by Ryan T. Higgins to my students, I read it to my daughter, Sophia. It's one of our favorite stories because it's full of witty humor and wonderful illustrations.

Get the template for Walter here!

If you don't know, Penelope the dinosaur is starting at a new school and has a tough time at first because she wants to eat her tasty, human classmates. Walter teaches her how terrible that makes others feel when he takes a nibble of her finger. Don't worry, no children or dinosaurs were injured in the making of this story.

For this project, I created a template for Walter so that my students could create him as a fun, colorful, and pretty much errorless mosaic!

Get the template for Walter here!

Making Walter:

Step One: Print the template on cardstock.

Step Two: Cut out mosaic pieces from construction paper: white, gray, and a mix of red and orange.

Step Three: Start with the white (W) sections. Spread glue on small portions at a time so that it doesn't dry. Make sure to avoid the areas under the dotted lines. Those will be glued when we put Walter together.

Step Four: Add the gray (G) pieces.

Step Five: It's time for the red/orange (R/O) mosaic pieces.

Step Six: Color the tongue piece pink. Cut out and glue the tongue and eye pieces into place.

Step Seven: Cut Walter out and glue the pieces together to piece Walter together.

This is a project that kids will have fun creating at any level or age!

Get the template for Walter here!

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