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Week 6 - Online Special Education


Fine Motor Cutting Work

you'll need pages 11-13 for the week

Fine Motor Writing Work​

you'll need pages 17-20

*Print extras of all pages so that your child can complete each page a couple of times for practice.


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work page 11

  • With their eyes closed or covered, pick up item and move from one bowl to another. Do this several times.


  • Fine Motor Writing Work pages 17-18

  • First Name: write or trace



  • Fine Motor Writing Work pages 19-20

PICK ONE or more:

• use tweezers to pick up crumpled bits of paper

• cut up junk mail with child-friendly scissors

• string beads onto yarn or string

• scrunch up a sheet of paper in one hand


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work page 13

  • First Name: write or trace

Daily: Practice counting to 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.

Daily: Count various items around the house (ex. rocks, spoons, cotton balls, etc.)


  • Friday:  worksheet *If you don't have blocks, use paper to cut the shapes you need.

  • Identifying coins: place various coins on the table and ask for each coin by name or value. Ex. "Touch the quarter," or "Touch 10 cents."

  • PRINT the checklist below and work on cleaning skills. Talk about what products are used to clean different surfaces, including things like scrub brushes and paper towels.

  • Practice reading and identifying each word below. 

  • PRINT lined paper for written work.

  • Write the words on index cards and spread them out.  Ask your child to identify each card by name.  Ex. "Cat."  Touch "cat."

Modification: students who have a difficult time with writing, write words out on index cards and cut the letters into strips.  Scramble up the letters and ask your child to spell the given word.

Modification: have an index card with the word written out to use as a model.

Modification: hand-over-hand to assist with spelling, or have your child place the letter strip over the letter on the written model.

  • For students who can write, practice writing and tracing these words each day this week.​​

NEW words for the week:

she this look went was after all

Review words from previous weeks:

with said play do big for he

love am and yes cat dog up

the to in on like my by

me    go     at     you     we     it     no​

a     I     is     mom     dad     can     see​

​Try to:

  1. ​Write each word 3 times each.

  2. Type each word 3 times each.

Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang

First, listen to the story.

Next, talk about different ways we can try to calm down.

Last, check out this relaxing video!

That's it for this week!

​If you'd like a daily at-home schedule to help keep things on track, click HERE.​

You're doing an amazing job.

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