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Week 9 - Online Special Education


Fine Motor Cutting Work

you'll need pages 20-22 for the week

Fine Motor Writing Work​

you'll need pages 29-30; 33-34

*Print extras of all pages so that your child can complete each page a couple of times for practice.


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work page 20

  • Pincer Grasp Block Activity: place block to the left and right of your child. Using a pincer grasp have your child move blocks into a straight line. Encourage your child to use the dominant hand to pick up blocks from the side of their dominant hand and across from their dominant hand.

For more of a challenge, have your child stack blocks, one on top of the other. Do this several times.


  • Fine Motor Writing Work pages 29-30

  • First Name: write or trace


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work page 21

  • Small Object Pass Game: You will need 5 small objects, like blocks, dice, cotton balls, etc. and a container. Sit across from your child holding a small object in a pincer grasp in your left hand. Hand the object to your child for them to take in pincer grasp with their right hand. Have them take the object from their right hand with their left hand, using a pincer grasp. Have them drop the object in a container. Repeat. Once the items are all in the container, have your child reach into the container with the left hand, using a pincer grasp, and pass the object to the right hand. Have your child hand the object to you, pass the object to your right hand and place it in the box. Do this


  • Fine Motor Writing Work pages 33-34

  • On a piece of paper, draw dots about the size of a pencil eraser using 4 different colors (about 5-10 dots per color). Using the index finger, have your child tap the various colors..

Example: Say, "Touch red." Have your child use their index finger touch each red dot.

For more of a challenge, have your child count aloud while locating dots, include more dots, and/or use more colors.


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work page 22

  • First Name: write or trace

Daily: Practice counting by 1s to 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.

Daily: Count various items around the house (ex. rocks, spoons, cotton balls, etc.)


*If a child struggles with writing independently, use a yellow marker or highlighter to write the number on the appropriate line. Have your child write over your number.

*If a page asks for "counters" or "blocks," you can substitute with things like Lego pieces or colored in pieces of paper. Get creative! It doesn't have to be exact. :)

  • As adults, we say positive things to ourselves to help get us through difficult situations or to just praise ourselves for a job well done. It keeps us motivated and feeling encouraged. This week, I'd like for the students to work on incorporating 5 affirmations a day. This can happen first thing in the morning, together as a family at the dinner table, or right before bed. It's really up to you! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Practice reading and identifying each word below. 

  • PRINT lined paper for written work.

  • Write the words on index cards and spread them out.  Ask your child to identify each card by name.  Ex. "Cat."  Touch "cat."

  • Go over and review the index cards from previous weeks.

Modification: students who have a difficult time with writing, write words out on index cards and cut the letters into strips.  Scramble up the letters and ask your child to spell the given word.

Modification: have an index card with the word written out to use as a model.

Modification: hand-over-hand to assist with spelling, or have your child place the letter strip over the letter on the written model.

  • For students who can write, practice writing and tracing these words each day this week.​​

NEW words for the week:

of many where should

Review Words:

because but came she

this look went was

after all with said

play do big for he

the about great learn

​Try to:

  1. ​Write each word 3 times each.

  2. Type each word 3 times each.

How to Catch a Monster by Michael Yu

First, listen to the story.

Next, draw a picture of a monster trap, or make a monster trap out of blocks!

Last, check out this monster maze!

That's it for this week!

​If you'd like a daily at-home schedule to help keep things on track, click HERE.​

You're doing an amazing job.

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