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Week 1 - Online Special Education

Updated: Apr 12, 2020


Fine Motor Cutting Work

you'll need pages 8-17 for the week​


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work pages 3-5

  • Pick Up Game: make a pile of smaller objects (e.g. blocks, pencils, erasers, etc.) for students to pick up using a pincer grasp:​​​​

Have your child pick up objects and place them in a jar or empty tissue box.

​ For more of a challenge, place the jar or tissue box across the body from the dominant hand.​​


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work pages 6-8

  • First Name: write or trace​


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work pages 9-11

  • Use kitchen tongs to pick up balled up foil and place into cupcake tins​


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work pages 12-14

  • Use a spoon to scoop rice, beans, or flour from one bowl and place in another bowl.


  • Fine Motor Cutting Work pages 15-17

  • First Name: write or trace

Daily: Practice counting to 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.

Daily: Count various items around the house (ex. rocks, spoons, cotton balls, etc.)


  • ​Identifying coins: place various coins on the table and ask for each coin by name or value. Ex. "Touch the quarter," or "Touch 10 cents."

  • Telling Time to the hour or half-hour: clock template

  • Practice reading and identifying each word below. 

  • Write the words on index cards and spread them out.  Ask your child to identify each card by name.  Ex. "Cat."  Touch "cat."

Modification: students who have a difficult time with writing, write words out on index cards and cut the letters into strips.  Scramble up the letters and ask your child to spell the given word.

Modification: have an index card with the word written out to use as a model.

Modification: hand-over-hand to assist with spelling, or have your child place the letter strip over the letter on the written model.

  • For students who can write, practice writing and tracing these words each day this week.​​

Words for this week:

a     I     is     mom     dad     can     see​

​Try to:

  1. ​Write each word 3 times each.

  2. Type each word 3 times each.

Let's get creative with a fun art project!

Art Project:

The Aurora Borealis

That's it for this week!

​If you'd like a daily at-home schedule to help keep things on track, click HERE.​

You're doing an amazing job.

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