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Week 3 - Room 20 Online

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

DOWNLOAD & PRINT: Worksheets

you'll need to print 2 copies of page 3

Use your Kidz A-Z Login to complete this week's online vocabulary assignments

Due Date: Friday, April 10th


  • WATCH: The Harvest Birds by Blanca Lopez de Mariscal

  • Talk about vocabulary words and apply them to the story

  • ​Use Words in Context worksheet to talk about each word, and have your child give personal connections with the words.  Ex. "Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to fly."​


  • WATCH: The Harvest Birds by Blanca Lopez de Mariscal

  • Review flashcards (the ones with just the word and definition), and have your child fill in the correct information on the Word Smart worksheets.


  • Review Assessment by going over each question.  Don't ask questions in order and make sure that there's no peeking!  Only parents should see this page right now - we don't want our smart kids memorizing the answer order.

  • Review flashcards.​​

  • Go to VOCABULARY A-Z, Kids Login, and have your child complete the weekly assignment. The login information was previously emailed to you. Let me know if you need that again. :)


  • WATCH: The Harvest Birds by Blanca Lopez de Mariscal

  • Complete ​Analogies and Cloze Sentences worksheets


  • Assessment worksheet

  • Review previous and current incorrect words. ​Keep mastered words in one pile, and words that need to be reviewed in a separate pile.

  • Access the Go Math! Student Workbook HERE​

  • This week's assignment: ​ pages 95, 97, 98

  • Check for the page number at the bottom of each page

  • Review past spelling words that have been sent home on index cards as Mastered Spelling Words.

  • Practice:​​

usually     character    villain carton     become deposit poison shorten twelve

  1. Write each word in alphabetical order.

  2. Write each word 3 times each.

  3. Type or write each word in a sentence.

For some creative fun, give this project a try!

That's it for this week!

For those of you who know someone who may need a daily schedule for a student in an ABA classroom, feel free to share the resource HERE.​

Tell my kids I say hi and that I miss them!

You're doing an amazing job.

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