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Recipes and Creations

When I first started really getting into documenting the food on Long Island, I naturally leaned toward restaurants. I would find an amazing dish and immediately find a recipe to file away so that I could try to make it one day. Sometimes I would get around to it, sometimes I wouldn't. I had to make a conscious effort to think about putting down the GrubHub app and start cooking again!

I'd estimate that 20 days a month, we eat together as a family at the kitchen table.  I'm not sure if that's very common, but that's what we do.  It's our time to check-in, talk about our day, and enjoy a home-cooked meal.  There's something nice about creating a full meal that the family enjoys; and it's nice knowing that there isn't anything in the food that I don't want in there!


Plus, my daughter, Lauren, is big on cooking. I'm talking cooking shows, Pinterest boards, volunteering me for bake sales and class parties - without asking.  Several. Times. A year.  Where's the wine?  Anyway, to feed my need to create, and Lauren's need to cook, I put some of our best recipes all in one place. 


These are recipes that we make for family breakfasts, weeknights, meal prep, and Sunday dinners.  Some are super easy, some take a little more time, but all of them are delicious!

Happy cooking!

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