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Recipes and Creations that Incorporate Long Island Goods and Ingredients

When I first started really getting into documenting food on Long Island, I naturally leaned toward restaurants. I would find an amazing dish, and I would immediately find a recipe to file away so that I could try to make it one day. Sometimes I would get around to it, sometimes I wouldn't. Sometimes I'd come home from my full time job, look around my crazy house full of kids and pets, and just instantly go for my GrubHub app. I just don't always have time to cook the way I would love to cook.  Luckily, pouring a glass of wine is super quick and easy.  

But, I digress. 

My daughter, Lola, is big on cooking. I'm talking cooking shows, Pinterest boards, volunteering me for bake sales and class parties without asking.  Several. Times. A year.  Where's that wine?  Anyway, to feed my need to create, and Lola's need to cook, we are introducing a new feature that stays true to what Long Island Eats Shortcake is all about: keeping things short and sweet. That means you won't find recipes that take hours to create, or an absurd amount of effort.  We are all busy people with limited time to spend wasting it carving out grapes or whatever.

Here you will find simple, but delicious recipes that utilize ingredients, and perhaps some decorative props, from around Long Island.  If there is anything that you'd like to see, drop me a line and let me know. Lola is always up for a challenge. 

Happy cooking!


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