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RJD Gallery | Bridgehampton

August 14, 2017

The work in the storefront is by Margaret Bowland and it centers on a captivating youth, adorned with stems of cotton. The gripping image pulls me through the door. 


Entering the RJD Gallery is a step away from the natural world into a place of quiet whimsy. 



Mago, the Assistant Director, delivers knowledgeable lines of each artist and piece with clear enthusiasm, just before the self-guided tour.  


The gallery flows seamlessly and carries visitors from each artfully displayed piece to the next. The artwork all varies in subtle to stark ways, but the one thing they have in common is a focus on contemporary, imaginative realism. 


Mago suggests a visit to the upstairs gallery where a featured artist's work is on display.  Andrea Kowch's provocative work surrounds the viewer, and it's no wonder that this artist often sells out of her pieces - sight unseen.


Often the focus of a piece is the captivating gaze of a figure, which is distant and removed despite some form of chaos. Other pieces feature haunting eye contact of a figure who seems to look right through to your core.  Each brush stroke adds to the realistic impression of being present in a fleeting, whimsical moment. 



RJD Gallery every piece in the gallery is captivating in its own right. Every artist making a statement that is ultimately intriguing. This intrigue can make leaving the gallery difficult, because it means stepping away from a fantasy where all that is left is the distinct feeling that you have just experienced something wonderful. 



Visit RJD Gallery anytime to view their exquisite collection, and, if you would like to view Andrea Kowch's work up-close and personal, visit the solo exhibition between August 26 and October 1.


RJD Gallery


Address: 2385 Main St, Bridgehampton, NY 11932


Phone: (631) 725-1161


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