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Riverhead Ciderhouse | Calverton

August 22, 2017

     Sound Avenue is a great stretch of road for finding farms, wineries, and restaurants. I like to just drive out that way and stop anywhere that catches my eye. That usually means I hit a bunch of farm stands and grab a ton of amazing fruit and vegetables.  You may have seen me roaming around random berry bushes on warm days - swatting away bugs and showing how far I am from being an actual country-girl.  On this day though, I thought I'd switch it up.  I think the people at the wineries looked out in confusion as I drove past.  I'll be honest, it didn't feel right for me either.  Sorry, wineries!  We'll be together again soon.


     I didn't know what I'd find when I walked into Riverhead Ciderhouse. All I could see from the outside was a big parking lot, a building that looked like a huge warehouse, and - wait, what's this? -  a sweet, red truck parked along the side. OK, Riverhead Cidarhouse, I see you!  


     The inside is an unexpected, rustic-chic surprise. High gloss wood and clean lines are set off with pops of red.  The bar being the biggest, most red piece you'll find in the place.  I love a good color scheme.   Throughout the property, there are several areas to kick back and relax, including fireplace seating, stools around large barrels, long tables, and an outside area. I was pretty focused on getting to the bar, but I liked seeing the stacks of board games near the fireplace. Nice touch!




      Time to get down to business. There are other drink, and food, options at Riverhead Ciderhouse, but I came for the cider, so I ordered a flight. Some dry, some sweet - all good.


     My favorites were the Black Cherry and the Founders. Smooth, crisp and full of that hard cider flavor. If you don't feel like you've found your perfect flight, switch it up! Flights of 4 are only $10, so you can easily try different pairings until you get it just right. Once you find something that speaks to you, grab a full-size glass or take a few bottled to-go from their gift shop. 


     Riverhead Ciderhouse is a nice change of pace from the usual "out east" experience. The laid-back vibe, paired with the rustic decor makes you feel like you've stepped into a cool lodge. A cool lodge that likes to spike your cider, and there's nothing wrong with that!  Just keep something in mind:

 Riverhead Ciderhouse

address:  2711 Sound Avenue, Calverton, New York 

phone: 631.591.0217


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