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The Rust and Gold | Huntington

September 3, 2017

Dinner at The Rust and Gold on a Wednesday promised to be a quiet night with friends. Restaurants are usually slower on Wednesdays. The decor is industrial-modern, and even though it's a sports bar, there's clearly something more to it than that.


The owner, Frank Antonetti, is working a crowded bar, as parties start filing in. The place has a good vibe, but the people aren't only here for the vibe. Why are so many people here, making this place look like a Friday night? As the drinks and dishes start rolling out, the answer is clear.

Frank explains that he's given up on naming his drinks. You won't find any creative or lavish names attached to these cocktails - the creativity is on the inside. The blends of ingredients, flavors and garnishes are given such consideration. Keep reading and you'll see what I'm talking about.

The Drinks:


(left to right; click the pic to open)


Frosé Slushie

Provance Rosé, fresh lemon and Lillet Blanc come together in a frozen drink machine, and just like magic, out pops this chilly concoction. 


Rum Cocktail

The balance of coconut, pineapple, mint and bourbon aged rum sing together in this drink. 


Tequila Cocktail

Lime, cucumber, pineapple and agave are just a few of flavors mingling in this glass. 


Mezcal Cocktail

This beautiful drink may look dainty, but, believe me, it's ready to knock you on your rear. It's a pistol in a drink. 


Gin Cocktail

Fennel, lemongrass and green apples work like a dream in this gorgeous cocktail. 


Vodka Cocktail

Just look at this presentation! San Pellegrino, Lillet Blanc and a nip of Stoli are all lined up ready to speak to your liquor-loving sweet tooth.

The Snacks, Starters and Dips

Let's just start by taking some time to appreciate this guac that's made every morning using ingredients from The Rust and Gold's own garden.


If you want to try something else on those tasty chips, may I suggest the Buffalo Goodness? It's a blend of shredded chicken, four cheeses and Buffalo sauce. I personally allowed myself to eat unhealthy amounts of this. Every time I thought I took my last bite, my hand mysteriously moved in for just a little more. Some people would call that an addiction. I'm comfortable with that.


Check out this surprise play right here. These chickpeas are flash fried, perfectly salted and smartly paired with rosemary. I couldn't stop eating them. Literally, I couldn't stop. One second they were there, and, the next, they were all gone. No regrets.


The Crispy Mozzerella Triangles are the only item left from the original menu of Little Rookies. Why? Because everyone loves mozzarella - obviously. One bite and I was instantly a fan. Good call on keeping these on the menu!



That's right, there's more! The Rust and Gold has a decent selection of sauces and rubs for their organic wings. Of course you can order yours with classic Buffalo, but don't pass up on the chance to try out other flavors. The chipotle with it's sweet tang jumped out, but I walked away a huge fan of the lemon pepper dry rub. I'm talking cripsy, salty, lemony goodness. There's no way I'm not going back for more in the very near future.


Can you believe I'm still eating? Talk about needing to undo a button. Frank says he likes when his guests go away full, and I think he means it, because - holy hell - I was happily nearing my limit.


The burger patties at The Rust and Gold are thinner with a higher fat content, which makes for good carmelization. Of course the burger I love has a higher fat content. Of course it does, because nothing I like can ever be low fat. I'm looking at you, The Huntingtonian. This burger has cheddar cheese, a fat beer battered onion ring, smokey BBQ sauce and those signature double patties.


An other favorite is Gaucho Grub, which has that fresh, homemade guac, pepper jack, pickled jalapeños and applewood bacon. I mean, do I even have to say more?

 Here's an other burger you need in your life. You'll find those double patties, but this time you're getting caramelized onions, green peppercorn aioli, AND rocquefort cheese. Rocquefort is in the bleu cheese family, so you may not be surprised to find it's from the south of France. What may surprise you is that The Rust and Gold is getting there's from Brooklyn! (What's up, Brooklyn!) That's right. It's all about keeping it local and fresh.

I had to stop eating eventually, right? Way to stay with me while I walked you through my time at The Rust and Gold. I left happy, full, and ready for my yoga pants. Legit. I went home and found something with elastic and then I took a nap because food coma - that's why.

I think I've given you enough reasons to visit The Rust and Gold, but maybe you're still on the fence. If you are, check yourself for a belly button, because you may not be human. 

The Rust and Gold

address: 70 Gerard Street, Huntington

phone: 631.629.4431

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