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Osteria Da Nino | Huntington

September 4, 2017

Let me tell you how I accidentally found myself drinking the BEST freakin Pear-tini I've EVER had - and I don't say that lightly. 


My husband and I walked into a restaurant on Main Street on a Wednesday night only to run into a 30 minute wait.  Rather than stand around watching other people eat the food I couldn't have, I went for the door. It's Main Street in Huntington!  There were plenty of places around where I could better spend that time.  We took advantage of the wait by slipping into a bar at nearby restaurant. 



I barely glanced at the cocktail menu. Pear-tini.  At least I'll know what I'm getting, rather than risk it on some unknown drink.  As my drink is being shaken, I overhear a couple talking about how delicious their dishes are and they go on about the sauce. Would it wrong to ask for a taste?  Probably. Best not. Then I notice that there's wine on tap. What a great idea! 

My husband drinks his beer, and I wonder what it would be like to always order beer. I mean, I like beer, but he never orders anything else. I couldn't do it. I need variety; I need high alcohol content; I need martinis!  My martini glass is set down, and my drink is expertly poured. Like other pear-tinis, you'll find vodka and pineapple juice, BUT this one has something different and it makes all the difference. Before you even get this drink to your lips, you'll know it's different. It smells sweet and aromatic - not cutting and harsh like most vodka martinis.  I take a sip and suddenly it's just me alone with this martini. What in the name of mixology is this sorcery?  I quickly open the cocktail menu again and take a closer look. Grey Goose la Poire, pineapple juice AND Amaretto Disaronno! Disaronno is such a smart addition, and, I'm telling you, this drink is 100% crave-worthy.  


I pull the pushy-wife move and insist my husband try it. Try it! Try it! You'll like it!  And he did. My beer drinking husband!  Two miracles in one night. I should have played the lotto, damn it.  Back to the drink - go try it and change your martini game forever.  


 Osteria Da Nino

292 Main Street, Huntington 11743




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