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Specialty Sweets | Ronkonkoma

September 10, 2017

Have you ever watched one of those baking shows on TV where the bakers get an assortment of ingredients that may, or may not, seem to go together to make a batch of cupcakes?  So many times the bakers turn out amazing cupcakes, and the judges praise their ingenuity, flavor profiles, and perfect consistency.  When those judges are going on and on about a baked good or baker, what do you wonder?  Where they’re from, right?  You wonder where you can get your hands on one of those cupcakes!  Story of my food-envy life.


Then one day I found a gem.  Specialty Sweets is owned and operated by Taylor Kyriacou who focuses on creating treats that are delicious to eat and pleasing to the eye.  I’m talking about personalized cookies, unicorn cakes, luscious floral toppers, and decadent cupcakes.  The online gallery is pretty impressive.


When I picked up some cupcakes from Taylor’s home-run business, I didn’t know what I was getting.  Literally.  I asked Taylor to decide what she thought I should try.  It wasn’t until later that I discovered the flavors of these beautiful cupcakes.  Rather than handing over something safe, I received some cupcakes that stay true to Specialty Sweets signature creativity.


The Cupcakes


Pumpkin Cheesecake

This deliciously heavy cupcake is packed full of fall flavor!  The pumpkin cake is topped with cheesecake and then finished off with cream cheese frosting.  If pumpkin gets your heart racing for things like falling leaves and football games, this is your jam. 


Cinnamon Bun

With a name like this, I don’t have to feel guilty eating cupcakes for breakfast, right?  Right.  What I love about this cupcake is that it really captures the essence of a cinnamon bun.  It’s not just vanilla cake with some cinnamon sprinkled on top.  This cupcake is made with a cinnamon swirl cake, cinnamon cream cheese frosting, and a brown sugar drizzle.  See?  Now you want it for breakfast too.



I bet I don’t have to say anything more than that.  This chocolate cupcake is filled with Reese’s peanut butter cups but that’s not all!  The chocolate buttercream frosting is loaded with chopped peanut butter cups.  This is one of those cupcakes that I can polish off without sharing and feel 100% guilt-free.  Sorry, kids.  Go get your own.  This one is all mine.


Apple Pie

This all-American cupcake is exactly what it should be: sweet, fresh, sugary, and classic.  The apple cinnamon cake has apple bits baked in, which really brings out the essence of apple pie, and the cinnamon cream cheese frosting is smartly finished with a sugary crumb topping.  Eat it as it is or break out the vanilla ice cream and have this “pie” a la mode. 


Chili Chocolate

I told you Specialty Sweets isn’t about playing it safe.  This is a spicy chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream that's dusted with chili.  So many cultures combine chocolate and spice, like the Mexican dish Mole Poblano, which is a spicy sauce made with chocolate and chilies.  I’m a huge fan of Mole Poblano, so I was all set for this cupcake.  At first bite, you might think this is a standard chocolate cupcake, but the mild heat sneaks up on the backend. 


Buttered Corn

Did you get that?  Buttered Corn.  The inspiration for this cupcake came from Dominique Ansel, creator of the cronut, who made a corn ice cream that was served on a cob.  I associate buttered corn with fairs, local farms, and that classic corn on the cob flavor.  I had high hopes for this one.  One bite and the first thing I thought was, She nailed it.  This cupcake is made up of vanilla honey cake with corn bits, honey buttercream and corn kernels for the topping.  She.  Nailed.  It.


And to think, it all started with a girl whose mom would buy her boxed cake mix and craft store fondant. 

Specialty Sweets


phone: 631.291.2063


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