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Liberty Burger and Bar | Saint James

November 5, 2017

Any restaurant can open and be a burger joint. But what else? As a consumer, I want to know what else am I getting by coming to you? I can go to a chain, I can go to a drive-thru, I can basically get a burger anywhere. Restaurants have to stand out and they have to offer something that other places don't. Enter Liberty Burger and Bar.

Before I even selected a thing off the starters menu, I ordered a spiked shake. Um yeah, they'll booze up your shake. PLUS they offer seasonal shakes, so you can get new regular or spiked shakes at different times of the year. I got a Pumpkin Spice shake that tastes like heaven on earth. What's great about spiked shakes is that you have to drink them so slowly, but what's not so great is that shakes make you so full! Each sip is one step closer to full capacity, but whatever. They're just so good!

     After I ordered my shake, I placed the app order by asking our server to settle a toss up: the White Truffle & Aged Gruyere Mac & Cheese, or the Smoke Bacon & Jalapeno Mac & Cheese? Without hesitation, he says the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese. 95% of the time, I'll take the recommendation of a server. Who knows the menu better? Exactly. Now that I've had the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, I know how sad my life would be without it. It has such a nice spice that sneaks up, and the jalapeno halves mixed into the dish made sure it stays that way. I could easily make this a meal, or share it as a side. No one puts baby in a corner. Eat it how you'd like, but definitely make sure to order it! Next come the Loaded Potato Skins, which are beautifully crunchy, but not dry like other potato skins. The melted cheddar and rich chipolte crema keep this dish full of flavor. Between these apps and the milkshake, I started sweating whether I could handle my burger!


      Who am I kidding? Of course I could handle the burger! The Mac Daddy is a blend of short rib, ground chuck, and brisket; covered with mac and cheese, pickled jalapenos and bacon bits. Could I eat the entire gigantic monster? Heck no! I'm only human. But I enjoyed every heavenly bite my full body allowed me to take, and that's including some of Liberty's crunchy fries. The burgers are made to order, and cooked right there behind the counter top. Each time a patty hit the grill a loud sizzle wafted through the restaurant. Talk about building anticipation!

     Our server came over to see if we'd like dessert, and I waved a white flag. I surrender! Liberty beat me. I pride myself on always saving room for dessert, but not tonight. My milkshake was the culprit. If I even attempted more food, I think I'd have quite literally slipped into a food coma. As it was, my speech practically turned into nods and short grunts. I have a plan for my next trip: dessert first!

If you want a fantastic, all-American meal with a boozy milkshake, or maybe you'd like to go for a bucket of chicken (yeah, they have those, too), head to Liberty Burger. Please, whatever you do, go hungry. You'll need every ounce of room your body can provide to experience the indulgently filling meal that Liberty puts together.  

Liberty Burger and Bar

429 N. Country Road

Saint James, NY



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