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George Martin's Strip Steak | Great River

December 3, 2017

     Don't you just love the idea of a speakeasy? The mystique surrounding a jazzy environment is just sexy. Another thing that lends to the vibe are the tasteful vintage photographs, many of which highlight the female figure. I had hoped to get a stunned response from my parents when we walked through the door, and their eyes fell to a picture of a couple of topless women dancers in skirts, but they handled it in stride. Fortunately that was the only time I was disappointed during my visit.

    George Martin's Strip Steak's dining areas break off into a few different rooms that keep with prohibition-era vibe. We took our seats in a red room with a beautiful fireplace and only a few other tables. Within moments, our server, Catherine, appeared and we knew instantly that we were in good hands. Catherine took our drink orders, while offering suggestions based on our preferences. When she left, we began piecing together our menu selections like people who had never made a solid decision in their lives.  Maybe I'll get the Pop Lobster? No, wait. What do you want? Maybe the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake? Ooo, Burrata is always good. Did you look at the entrees yet? 

     Strip Steak makes some of the best popovers ever, so when those arrived with a salty-sweet honey maple butter, all negotiations ended. We dug right in, placed our appetizer order, and then, like magic, our drinks arrived.

Let me tell you about a couple.


     My dad insisted that his drink was the best that he's had in a long time. I'm not big on smoky cocktails, but he wanted you to know that any whisky lover will love this one. I took a sip, breathed fire, and then made a note to pass on his high praise.

     Next up is the Strawberry Fields. Danielle, the bartender, put on a demonstration on how she mixes this one up. Strawberry, lime, some work with a shaker from Danielle and poof. This cocktail is not only nice to look at, but it's just my speed.

     Just as we started feeling nice and relaxed from all of Danielle's handy work, our apps appeared. Silent nods of approval went around the table, and then the tell-tale silence that partners with good eats fell over us.


     Black Pepper Seared Filet Mignon is really a no-brainer. Perfectly seared steak with gorgonzola on a crostini is amazing by itself, but then add to it a bacon-fig jam and you're in the big leagues. 

     The Pop Shrimp with its sweet and tangy sauce held its own. So crispy, light and nicely cooked. We threw these back like popcorn, and even my mom, who doesn't even like seafood, liked these. What kind of powerful magic does this place possess?  My entree showed up before I could investigate further.

     I went with the Rustic Butcher's Bowl. I did this mainly because it's like a bowl of everything good in the world. I'm talking about a bed of Parmesan-garlic mashed potatoes topped with an 8 ounce filet mignon covered in au poiver sauce and crumbles of blue cheese. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been crispy onions. No, wait. Those were on there too. You slayed it with this one, GMST. 

     My parents enjoyed steaks of their own. My dad cut into his before I could even get one pic, but I couldn't blame him. Sometimes the temptation is just too strong. On the other hand, my mom showed some solid restraint, so I was able to snap a shot of her one pound baked potato! My little mom sitting there with a giant potato on a plate still makes me smile. 

     How do we end a meal? With dessert, of course. Enter, Catherine. We left our dessert selections to her, and all I can say is that, yet again, Catherine got it right.

     I'm a huge fan of creme brûlée, so when Catherine brought out a Cheesecake Brûlée I felt nothing short of joy. It's everything a cheesecake should be and more and that's in large part to that sugar crust! Next time, I'm starting with this dish first. I mean it.


     This gorgeous vanilla bean ice cream landed on our table topped with pecans, brandy soaked cherries and fresh cream. I got a few bites in before my dad nonchalantly claimed the rest.

 *    *    *

     My parents came out to visit with us all the way from Michigan. I know a full house of kids, my man-child husband, and my lovingly deaf dog can drive just about anyone nuts; so I try to plan a special night with just my parents when they come out. George Martin's Strip Steak was absolutely the right choice. Just tonight, I spoke with my mom and she mentioned that my dad said that he wants to go back. He said that he wants to take her back. Not only was I so happy that my hard-to-please father had that good of a time, but that he's planning a date night at Strip Steak from states away. I told you. This place possesses some powerful magic.

Strip Steak
60 River Road
Great River, NY 11739


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