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2 Spring Restaurant | Oyster Bay | Visit

July 27, 2018

2 Spring Restaurant | Oyster Bay

       If it were up to my husband, our walls would be white, we wouldn’t have window treatments, and there wouldn’t be anything hanging on the walls.  You could say that he likes to keep things “simple.”  This, of course, means that there are things on almost every wall, and my room is decorated with a high-end hotel in mind.  I want to always feel like I’m on a vacation, so I decorated accordingly.  I like textures, rustic features and clean lines.  With this in mind, I took two steps – literally two steps – into 2 Spring and knew I would be writing about my visit.  It. Is. Stunning.  From what I understand, a French designer came in and worked with a local contractor to create this glorious creation.  The large windows let in streams of light; and your eye can travel through the dining area, right through to the open staircase, and out to the attractive outdoor dining area.  For all of the openness, you still have a sense of warmth and privacy, which can be attributed to the warm woods used for the tables and bar shelves.  The highlight for me, and what may surprise you as a piece that works with all of these elements, is the portrait of Theodore Roosevelt with a pink suit and blue mustache.  It’s a witty, clever piece that just fits the vibe.

      As usual, I asked the server to recommend a cocktail that would taste good and look good.  Listen, I can appreciate a tasty cocktail, but it has to work with my lens.  The recommendation was for the Watermelon Margarita, and I couldn’t have been happier.  The balance is just right: not too sweet, not too strong, not too frozen.  It irks me when I order a cocktail and it comes back tasting like a drink for a toddler.  That’s not what you get with this cocktail!  In fact, I usually stay away from frozen drinks (no thanks to brain freeze), but I can honestly tell you that I’d have difficult time ordering anything else for a future visit.  Plus, this cocktail is just right for hot days and warm nights!  My picky husband, Vinnie, who only ever orders Disaronno sours and beer, placed his order without assistance:   Jungle Boogie.  Wait.  What?  I’m sorry, you said ‘beer’ wrong.  Vinnie happily sipped his Jungle Boogie, while I eyed him like a stranger sitting at my table.  The Jungle Boogie is a rich cocktail made up of El Dorado Rum, Contratto Bitters, lime and pineapple; and it has Vinnie’s stamp of approval.

       You know when you get something amazing and you know it’ll never be the same once you use it?  Think of a new journal or candle.  You almost want to admire it and preserve it before you cause any damage to its appearance.  Writing on a page or lighting that wick just seems wrong.  Our first round appeared like something out of a magazine and that feel of trepidation surfaced.  I didn’t want to ruin the presentation!  Salmon tartare with dill and crème fraiche, and beets and burrata make for two gorgeous dishes when plated by 2 Spring.  Inevitably, we threw caution to the wind and took our first bites.  These dishes are as delicious and as fresh as they look. 

     We ended our brunch with Lobster Hash that’s served with fried egg, hollandaise and potatoes; and a Fried Fish Sandwich that’s served with cabbage, aioli and fries.  I can’t think of one thing that could have made this meal any better.  I eyed several  other items on their dinner menu that I plan to try someday, like the Shrimp Po’ Boy, Crispy Branzino, Paella, and Strawberry Upside Down Cake.  Just as much as I want to try the dishes, I also want to see them!  We eat first with our eyes, right?  While sitting in the gorgeous dining area, people watching through the large windows, and nibbling on our meals, I commented to Vinnie that I could stay there all day.  I truly think I could have. 


     Nicely done, 2 Spring!


2 Spring

2 Spring Street

Oyster Bay, New York 11771


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