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The Good Life | Massapequa Park

November 21, 2017

     Walking through an enormous, red, British-style phone booth is a fun way to get things started at The Good Life.  The British theme keeps going with menus that are styled as newspapers - complete with articles, like how to properly drink beer.  

     Before looking through the pages of the menu, I headed straight for the cocktail list. C'mon cocktails are essential. If you can't make a good cocktail, I'm immediately skeptical of the rest of the menu. Think about it. A cocktail is a miniature recipe, and it relies solely on the right ingredients and proportions to make it just right. It's a craft and it's also something restaurant owners either create or approve. So there's a lot resting on this cocktail. Ahhh the pressure!      


     My eyes immediately fall on the RumChata Colada. Those words sound like heaven in a glass, so sign me up.  Man, that drink is a sneaky thing, I gotta say. My alcohol tolerance is up there and I had to assess the situation midway through my second cocktail.  I guess four kinds rum over power pineapple juice, huh?

     Word of advice: When you know you want potatoes, but you're not sure how to have them just get them all.  Mashed potato wontons made with cheddar, bacon, sour cream and chives; potato chips ("coins") with jalapeno cheddar sauce; and tot poutine made with tots, turkey gravy and cheese curds. Can I just say that this approach will guarantee you're too full to eat your entree. 

     Let's just take a moment to go through the entree spread.  First we have the chicken pot pie with that insane biscuit action and hash brown cheddar crust.  I really like how The Good Life went with this approach by avoiding a full crust and using a large biscuit. The pot pie soaked into that bread and it was just right. Keep in mind that the bottom half is buried at the bottom of the bowl. 

     Next, there's the Mac Attack with fried mac and cheese, and jalapeno cheese sauce.  The cheese overload makes every bite a celebration in your mouth! Not only are you getting that luscious cheese sauce drip, but you're also getting that insane fried mac and cheese!  Let's hear it for cheese!

    Now look at the house roasted turkey sandwich topped with brie, cranberry aioli and apple stuffing.   Brie and cranberry is already a great combination, but then you add that apple stuffing and you're golden. 

     As I said, the apps filled me thoroughly, but I struggled through a couple bites. OK let's face it, no one had to twist my arm.  The menu and vibe are something to experience. Keep this one in mind if ever you find yourself in the Massapequa area. 

The Good Life
1039 Park Blvd.
Massapequa Park, NY 11762
P: 516.798.4663

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