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social media management:

Stand out in today's visual world.

With Long Island Shortcake Social Media Management,

you will get affordable, professional, and quality service to help your business get noticed.

Why are companies looking for professional social media account managers?

    Every company has a combination of different answers to this question.  Maybe you don't have time; maybe you just don't know how social media works; maybe you just don't want to bother with it.  Regardless of the reason, it's important to acknowledge the importance of tapping into the social media market. 


    Just last year, Instagram had over 700 million active users per day, and  Facebook has approximately 1.47 billion users accessing their site per day.  So, not only is it important to get your business onto these platforms, but it's vital that you offer content that lives up to the standards of their visual users.  This means that your posts alone must be top notch.

    Just posting a picture isn't enough.  Your picture must look the part of an editorial photograph.  If you're ready to up your game, increase visibility and to become a contender in the fight for your target audience's attention, we should definitely have a conversation.

A quick chat could be a complete game changer for you and your business.


Creating an image and layout that is right for you and your brand.

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Communication with your audience on your behalf.

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Custom Content

Content created just for you!

Custom Packages

Package flexibility allows you to decide what services are right for you.

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